For foreign people starting businesses in Japan
For foreign companies expanding in Japan
Japanese CPA will provide the tax consultation in English.

We are a Japanese accounting firm for foreign people.

Who needs us

Are you worried about the financial reporting of your overseas subsidiaries?

You can apply for a 6-month business management visa without coming to Japan.

We will communicate in English.

What we do

Provide Services in English

Bookkeeping and Tax Return

We provide strong support for your business through accounting and tax filing.

Japanese tax return for foreign nationals

Foreign companies have unique payroll and tax processing requirements for their foreign executives and employees. Let us handle your gross-up payroll, withholding requirements, tax returns, and more.

Financial management for Overseas Companies

The challenges are many and varied. Understanding the tax and financial issues of overseas subsidiaries Payroll and tax calculations for expatriate employees Responding to the reorganization of overseas subsidiaries

Business managemet visa,
Setting up corporation.

Who we are

After graduating from Waseda University, I joined the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (currently Shinsei Bank). In the wake of the nationalization of the Chogin in a financial crisis, I left the bank and acquired a Certified Public Accountant qualification. I joined KPMG AZSA & Co., engaged in accounting audits and internal control audits. After that, I joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co., Ltd., engaged in M & A reorganization taxation and BPO service to foreign clients. Currently, YG-International Tax Consulting Firm Representative.

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