Certified Public Accountant

Certified Tax Accountant 

Certified Immigration Consultant

After graduating from Waseda University, I joined the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (currently Shinsei Bank). In the wake of the nationalization of the Chogin in a financial crisis, I left the bank and acquired a Certified Public Accountant qualification. I joined KPMG AZSA & Co., engaged in accounting audits and internal control audits. After that, I joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co., Ltd., engaged in M & A reorganization taxation and BPO service to foreign clients. Currently, YG-International Tax Consulting Firm Representative.

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over 15 years of Tax and accounting experience

M&A Reorganization Taxation
Immigration consultant
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NameYG International Tax Consulting Firm
PrincipalYoshio Yamaguchi
AddressAkatsuka, Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo 175-0092

Certified Public Accountant (registration number  026311)

Certified Tax Accountant (registration number 142583)

Administrative Scrivener (Immigration Lawyer, registration number 20081822)