We are not currently accepting tax return preparation services for individual clients. We expect to resume in December 2024. For corporate clients, we welcome new inquiries.

 If you are a foreign individual who needs personal tax return support, please provide the following information to make a quote.


  • Which country are you from?
  • How many years do you live in Japan?
  • Are you an employee/director, a Contractor, a Founder of the company?
  • When you get paid, does your employer or a client withhold tax from your reward?
  • How much was your salary (or sales amount) in FY2023.
  • If you are self-employed, do you keep accounting books by yourself or will request us to provide the bookkeeping service?
  • Do you have dividend income or Capital gain for shares? If you have, are you using a foreign or Japanese brokerage account?
  • Do you get paid by the stock plan (stock option, RUS, etc.)? If yes, did you exercise the stock option in FY2023? Or was your restricted stock vested in FY2023?
  • Do you have a rental real estate income, capital gain (loss) on the real estate?
  • Do you have any other income other than above? (Crypto currency, side-business income, etc)
  • Which of the following do you fall under?
    • Your salary was over 20 million yen.
    • Your asset is over 300 million yen.
    • Your financial asset (bond, stock, securities, etc.,) is over 100 million.
    • You have assets existing abroad of more than 50 million