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If you are a foreign individual who needs personal tax return support, please provide the following information to make a quote.

  • Which country are you from?
  • How many years do you live in Japan?
  • Are you an employee/director or a self-employed worker?
  • How much was your salary (sales amount) in a year?
  • If you are self-employed, do you keep accounting books by yourself, or do you request us to provide the bookkeeping service?
  • Do you have dividend income or Capital gain for shares? If you have, are you using a foreign brokerage account or a Japanese brokerage account?
  • If you are an employee or director, do you get paid by the stock plan (stock option, RUS, etc.)? If yes, did you exercise the stock option in FY2022? Or was your restricted stock vested in FY2022?
  • Which of the followings do you fall under?
    • Your salary was over 20 million yen.
    • Your asset is over 300 million yen.
    • Your financial asset (bond, stock, securities etc.,) is over 100 million.
    • You have the asset existing abroad of more than 50 Million.