Can your Family come to Japan?

The “Family Visa” or “Dependant” is a status of residence that allows spouses and children of foreign nationals who are working in Japan.  Since this visa is for family life in Japan, there is no need for specialized knowledge or skills as in the case of “Technical/Humanistic/International Services.”

This visa is available to those who are dependent on a foreign national residing in Japan with one of the following statuses: “Highly skilled human resource,” “Business management,” “Legal/Accounting,” “Engineer/Specialist in Humanity/International services,” “Intra-company Transfer,” “Technical Skills,” “College Student,” etc(*).

Those with a status of residence of “Technical Intern Training” or “Specially Designated Technical Skill No. 1” are not eligible for family visa.
(*) “Medical,” “Research,” “Professor,” “Art,” “Religion,” “Journalism,” “Nursing,” “Entertainer,” “Education,” and “Cultural Activities” status holders are also eligible for family stay status.

This is limited to the spouse and children with a working visa, so parents and siblings are not eligible. If you want to bring your parents, brothers, and sisters to Japan, you will basically need to obtain a “Temporary Visitor” visa. The maximum period of stay is 90 days.

Those with Dependant status of residence may engage in any work within 28 hours per week, except for engaging in the adult entertainment business, if they have obtained permission.