Six month business management visa under Tokyo metropolitan government.

The followings are the procedures and fee.

1Prepare the business plan.


Half will be returned if failed.



Prepare the application form for Tokyo Government.

3Apply to the Tokyo Government.
4The applicant will have an interview with the Tokyo Government. 
5The examination period by the Tokyo Government would be two weeks to one month. You will receive a “Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities” if you pass the examination.
7After successfully obtaining the approval of the Tokyo Government,  we apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for a 6-month business management visa to the Tokyo immigration bureau.
8The examination period by the Tokyo immigration bureau would be two weeks to one month. 
9The applicant will apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy of the applicant’s home country.N/A
10The applicant will come to Japan and receives a residence card (named Zairyu card) at the immigration airport.N/A

After entering Japan, the applicant needs to obtain the Residential registration certificate (called Jumin Hyo, which is required by law for all the residents in Japan to have when they move into the new municipality).

12Making a personal bank account in Japan. N/A

Setting up a corporation.  You need to prepare JPY5,000,000 yen or more as capital.

The right fee is including the government charges (JPY60,000~JPY202,000)


Rent a company office.

15Obtain necessary business permissions. (We support this with an additional fee).N/A

We will attend the check-up Interviews with Tokyo government officials if you need us to attend.

our fee for this attendance is JPY20,000 per day.


Extension for the visa period

・6 months after coming to Japan, you need to apply for an extension of visa for another year.





This quote is an example. We can prepare a quote that is suitable for your individual situation.

The above quote does not include the followings,

– support in finding a company office, obtaining business permission, making a bank account,