Updated on May 2, 2020

Tokubetu Teigaku Kyufukin (100,000 yen subsidy)  and Jizokuka Kyufu kin (Max 2,000,000 yen Subsidy for business continuity) has started since May 1.

We would be happy If you would ask us for the support in selecting and applying for the government’s financial assistance.

JPY100,000 Tokubetsu Teigaku Kyufu Kin (特別定額給付金、Special Fixed Amount Subsidy)

Those who can apply

The policy is to cover all people listed in the Basic Resident Register (*1), and not only Japanese living in Japan but also foreigners who have residence status of more than 3 months and have registered their resident card.

The benefit amount

JPY100,000 for each person. Regardless of whether the family is large or small, poor or rich, Japanese or foreigners, it is 100,000 yen.

When to apply, When is the due date?

Each municipality will decide when to start accepting applications. It will be paid three months from the start of mailing in each municipality.

How to apply?

(1) The municipality will send the application form to the household head. He/she fills in the application form with the bank account number etc. and returns it.
(2) If the household head has “my number card”, an online application can be applied.

How to receive the money

Bank account in the name of the person.

Call center

9:00 am. to 6:30 pm.

(*1) The Basic Resident Register is a resident registration card that publicly proves your address. Information is recorded in the Basic Resident Register not only for Japanese but also for foreigners. The foreigners listed are foreign nationals who have residence status in Japan and are eligible for a residence card. However, the following people are excluded.
Those whose residence period is 3 months or less.
Those whose residence status for short-term stay has been decided. 

Jizokuka Kyufu kin (Max 2,000,000 yen Subsidy for business continuity)

As of

May 1, 2020



Subsidy amount

 (Sales for the previous year) – (Sales for the month when sales decreased by 50% year-on-year) *12 month

The upper limit is;

Corporation: JPY2 million (Max)
Self-employed: JPY 1 million (Max)

Those who can apply

* For the target month, from January 2020 to the month before the application month, select one of the months when business income decreased by 50% or more compared to the same month the year before.

When to apply

The application period is from May 1, 2020, to January 15, 2021.

How to apply

(step1) Access to the application site.

(step 2) Follow the instructions, input the information required, and upload the documents.

(step 3) The subsidy will be transferred to your bank account in normally two weeks.

 The document to be submitted


If you set up a corporation between January and December 2019, if the target month’s business income is reduced by more than 50% compared to the monthly average business income in 2019, you can choose to apply the exception.

■Benefit amount

S = A ÷ M × 12 - B × 12
S:Benefit amount  (Up to JPY 2 million)
A:Annual business income in 2019

M:Number of months since establishment in 2019 (The established month is regarded as one month regardless of the number of operating days)
B: Monthly business income for the target month




0120-115-570,  03-6831-0613

0830 – 19:00. Every day for March and June. From Sunday to Friday from July to December.

We are happy to support you in applying for the subsidy.  Our fee would be 3% to 5% of the provided amount of the subsidy.

New coronavirus infectious disease special loan (新型コロナウイルス感染症特別貸付)

As of

April 13, 2020



Public assistance administrators

Japan Finance Corporation (JFC), which is a public corporation wholly owned by the Japanese government.

Those who can apply

Self-employed persons who are affected by new coronavirus infectious disease and have experienced a temporary deterioration in business conditions, and who fall under any of the following 1 or 2, and whose business conditions recover and develop in the medium to long term is expected.

A small and medium‐sized business which is affected by new coronavirus infection and falls under any of the following;

(1) Sales in the last month have decreased by 5% or more compared to the same period of the previous year or the year before last, or are in a similar situation (Note 1)

(2) Business conditions are expected to recover and develop in the long term

When the business history is three months or more and less than one year and one month, etc. it means that the sales in the last one month have decreased by 5% or more compared to any of the following.

① Average sales for the past three months (including the last one month)

② Sales in December in 2019

③ Average sales from October to December in 2019

Application period

There is no time limit for application. (Q&A)


First three years: Standard rate (1.36%~1.65%) – 0.9%    (Become virtually zero % by the interest subsidy system)

After the fourth year: Standard rate(1.36%~1.65%)

If specific requirements are met, the interest rate is reduced by 0.9% from the standard interest rate with a maximum of 30 million yen for the first three years. Furthermore, The government has established a system of interest subsidies to repay the interest portion of the reduced interest rate to the borrower at a later date. By receiving the interest subsidy, the borrower can use the loan virtually interest-free for the first three years.

Loan period

Equipment funds within 20 years (including grace period within five years) / Working capital within 15 years (including deferral period within five years)

Document to be submitted

Borrowing application form

Declaration of sales decrease due to new coronavirus infection

Copies of tax returns and financial statements for the last two terms (including account breakdown)

Certificate of all corporate history matters or certified copy (original)

Business overview

Representative’s driver’s license (both sides) or passport (face photo page and current address etc.)

Copy of license (business permission/notification of restaurants, etc.)

(Note) If you are new to the business and have not completed the first year’s tax return, you do not need to submit it.


Send the documents by post or email to the nearest bank branch


Loan execution




Tell: 0570-783183

We are happy to support you in applying for the loan.  Our fee would be to 5% of the loan amount.

Safety net loan (セーフティネット貸付 or 経営環境変化対応資金)(国民生活事業)

Public assistance administrators

Japan Finance Corporation (JFC), which is a public corporation wholly owned by the Japanese government.

Those who can apply

Those who are expected to recover business performance in the medium to long term. One of the followings are met.

Loan amount

Up to 48,000,000 yen


Approximately 1% (May become virtually zero %)

Loan period

eight years for working capital. 15 years for the investment funds.


An emergency loan for new coronavirus infection

Public assistance administrators

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Those who can apply

A small business person or association meeting the following requirements

Loan amount

Up to 280,000,000 yen

Loan period

ten years for working capital. 15 years for the investment funds.


1.7% – 2.4%